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Huntington Beach Public Library

Subsequent to the completion of a wayfinding study, we were commissioned to design a full wayfinding scheme for the building interior.

Huntington Beach Public Library is a vast mid century modern architectural gem, designed by Dion Neutra and completed in 1975. The over 100,000 sqft building, which has seen little in the way of updates since then, is comprised of perhaps in excess of 8 floors, none of which align horizontally. Areas were designed for very specific purposes and the building was extremely confusing to navigate.

The wayfinding design solution needed to be of sole reliance for user navigation. The robust design solution came about after extensive strategy planning regarding how people navigate the space, how the space is divided and used, and future purpose and flexibility. It comprised naming areas, grouping sections of the building with mis-matched floors into destinations, adding color coding, handling terminology, and creating logical routes throughout the space.

HB project summary.jpg
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